Table 2

Detection of CAD and Risk Assessment: Asymptomatic (Without Chest Pain Syndrome or Anginal Equivalent)

IndicationAppropriateness Score (1–9)
General Patient Populations
  • Low CHD risk (Framingham risk criteria)

I (1)
  • Moderate CHD risk (Framingham)

  • ECG Interpretable

I (3)
  • High CHD risk (Framingham)

U (6)
  • The ranking of this indication as inappropriate is different from that given to similar but not identical indications in previously published appropriateness criteria. The ratings were done in accordance with established ACCF methodology. Furthermore, the Technical Panel for each modality operated independently without allowance and with discouragement for intermodality comparisons. Discrepant scores may be related to rating variability, differing Technical Panel composition, maturation of the appropriatness criteria process, or perceived differences in appropriateness.