Table 4

Chemotherapy Associated With Venous Thromboembolism

Chemotherapy AgentsIncidence (%)Frequency of Use
Alkylating agents
 Cisplatin (Platinol-AQ) (130)8.5+++
Angiogenesis inhibitors
 Lenalidomide (Revlimid) (144–149)3–75+
 Thalidomide (Thalomid) (133–143)1–58+
Histone deacetylase inhibitor
 Vorinostat (Zolinza) (10,131,132)4.7–8+
Small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors
 Erlotinib (Tarceva) (10)3.9–11+++

For an explanation of the + symbols, please see Table 1.

  • The incidence of venous thromboembolism varies widely in the literature for angiogenesis inhibitors depending on the patient's disease status, concomitant use of high- or low-dose dexamethasone, erythropoietin, or other chemotherapeutic agents, and whether or not thromboprophylaxis was employed during the study period. Medication manufacturers and locations: Platinol-AQ, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, New Jersey; Revlimid and Thalomid, Celgene Corp., Summit, New Jersey; Zolinza, Merck & Co. Inc., Whitehouse Station, New Jersey; Tarceva, OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc., Melville, New York.