Table 2

Relation of Cardiovascular Risk Factors to iLA

Model 1 iLAModel 2 iLAModel 3 ΔiLA
Dependent Variableβp Valueβp Valueβp Value
Age (yrs)0.0850.0260.1110.0020.135<0.001
Female sex−0.0400.234−0.0350.2840.0000.992
Obesity (y/n)0.222<0.0010.215<0.0010.173<0.001
Hypertension (y/n)0.1210.0010.123<0.0010.0640.077
Current smoker (y/n)−0.0880.009
Hypercholesterolemia (y/n)−0.0280.424
Diabetes mellitus (y/n)0.0010.965
Cardiovascular disease (y/n)0.0560.0860.0570.0800.0770.021

Relation of cardiovascular risk factors to iLA (models 1 and 2) at baseline investigation and ΔiLA (model 3) during 10 years of follow-up. Regression coefficients (β) and respective p values for regression models including age, sex, cardiovascular disease, and all cardiovascular risk factors (model 1; R2= 0.16); age, sex, obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease (model 2; R2= 0.12); and age, sex, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and the baseline measurement of iLA (model 3; R2= 0.09).

iLA = indexed left atrial volume.