Appendix 4

Author Relationships With Industry and Other Entities—2009 ACCF/AHA Focused Update on Perioperative Beta Blockade

Committee MemberConsultantSpeakerOwnership/Partnership/PrincipalResearchInstitutional, Organizational, or Other Financial BenefitExpert Witness
Dr. Kirsten E. Fleischmann (Chair)NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. Joshua A. Beckman• Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Eli Lilly

  • GlaxoSmithKline

  • Merck

  • Sanofi-aventis

Dr. Christopher E. BullerNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. Hugh CalkinsNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. Lee A. FleisherNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. William K. FreemanNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. James B. Froehlich
  • Pfizer

  • Sanofi-aventis

  • Merck/Schering-Plough

  • Otsuka

  • Pfizer

  • Sanofi-aventis

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  • Gore

  • Novartis

  • Sanofi-aventis

Dr. Edward K. Kasper• SciosNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. Judy R. Kersten• Abbott Laboratories• Abbott LaboratoriesNone• Abbott LaboratoriesNoneNone
Dr. John F. RobbNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Dr. R. James ValentineNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone

This table represents the relationships of committee members with industry and other entities that were reported by authors to be relevant to this document. These relationships were reviewed and updated in conjunction with all meetings and/or conference calls of the writing committee during the document development process. The table does not necessarily reflect relationships with industry at the time of publication. A person is deemed to have a significant interest in a business if the interest represents ownership of 5% or more of the voting stock or share of the business entity or ownership of $10 000 or more of the fair market value of the business entity, or if funds received by the person from the business entity exceed 5% of the person's gross income for the previous year. A relationship is considered to be modest if it is less than significant under the preceding definition. Relationships in this table are modest unless otherwise noted.

  • Indicates significant relationship.