Recommendations for the Use of Radionuclide Imaging to Diagnose Specific Causes of Dilated Cardiomyopathy

IndicationTestClassLevel of Evidence
1. Baseline and serial monitoring of LV function during therapy with cardiotoxic drugs (eg, doxorubicin)Rest RNAIA
2. RV dysplasiaRest RNAIIaB
3. Assessment of posttransplant obstructive CADExercise perfusion imagingIIbB
4. Diagnosis and serial monitoring of Chagas diseaseExercise perfusion imagingIIbB
5. Diagnosis of amyloid heart disease99mTc-pyrophosphate imagingIIbB
6. Diagnosis and serial monitoring of sarcoid heart diseaseRest perfusion imagingIIbB
Rest 67Ga imagingIIbB
7. Detection of myocarditisRest 67Ga imagingIIbB
111In antimyosin antibody imagingIIbC

67Ga indicates gallium-67; 99mTc-pyrophosphate, Tc-99m-pyrophosphate; 111In, indium-111; CAD, coronary artery disease; LV, left ventricular; RNA, radionuclide angiography; RV, right ventricular.