Table 4

Predictors of Cardiac Death or MI for Patients With Dyspnea

VariableUnivariate PredictorsMultivariate Predictors
Hazard Ratio95% CIp ValueHazard Ratio95% CIp Value
Male gender2.821.60–4.980.00041.941.09–3.460.0252
Prior MI3.452.02–5.89<0.00013.351.92–5.84<0.0001
Prior revascularization1.931.08–3.460.0276
Known CAD4.412.55–7.64<0.0001
Normal rest electrocardiogram0.350.19–0.640.0006
Ejection fraction0.940.92–0.96<0.00010.950.933–0.974<0.0001
Workload, METs§0.910.82–1.000.0664
Positive exercise electrocardiogram2.101.25–3.520.0049
Rest WMSI4.202.60–6.78<0.0001
Change in WMSI3.841.91–7.690.00024.192.06–8.56<0.0001
Percentage of abnormal segments with exercise1.021.02–1.03<0.0001
Percentage of ischemic segments1.021.01–1.030.0005

CAD = coronary artery disease; CI = confidence interval; METs = metabolic equivalents; MI = myocardial infarction; WMSI = wall motion score index.

  • * Per decade;

  • per 10% increment;

  • per 0.25 increment or 4 of 16 segments;

  • § per 1 MET change.