Table 4

SBP in Different Subgroups of Heterotopic Transplant Patients

Total NumberMean SBP (mm Hg)p Value
Pace linked16124 ± 150.62
Not pace linked20127 ± 15
Native aortic valve closed18125 ± 160.66
Native aortic valve open12122 ± 15
Native left ventricular ejection fraction <20%13129 ± 160.33
Native left ventricular ejection fraction ≥20%14124 ± 13

SBP values are mean ± SD and p values refer to Student ttest results. By sensing the donor right ventricle and pacing the native right atrium after a timed delay adjusted so that recipient systole coincides with donor diastole, paced linkage causes the two hearts to contract out of phase (24).

SBP = systolic blood pressure.