Table 3

Clinical and Angiographic Predictors of One-Year Mortality in the CADILLAC Trial

Odds Ratio95% CIp ValueInteger Score Assigned
Univariate predictors
Renal insufficiency5.993.83–9.400.0001
In-hospital stroke5.701.19–27.260.03
Baseline LVEF <40%4.672.96–7.400.0001
Age >65 yrs4.572.90–7.190.0001
Sustained hypotension on admission4.501.69–12.020.003
Killip class 2/34.392.75–7.010.0001
Female gender2.781.82–4.270.0001
Final TIMI flow grades 0 to 22.581.25–5.330.01
Infarct artery = left anterior descending2.291.49–3.520.0002
Three vessel disease2.211.37–3.570.001
Body mass index0.890.84–0.940.0001
Reference vessel diameter0.620.42–0.940.02
Final minimal luminal diameter0.610.41–0.900.01
Multivariable predictors
Baseline LVEF <40%3.502.07–5.750.00014
Renal insufficiency2.731.52–4.920.00083
Killip class 2/32.571.42–4.670.0023
Final TIMI flow grades 0 to 22.310.97–5.540.062
Age >65 yrs2.251.23–4.100.0082
Three vessel disease2.071.18–3.630.012

CI = confidence interval; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Selected in at least 85% of the multivariable analyses in the jackknife model.

  • Approximating the odds ratio.