Table 3

Multivariate Analysis Using Individual and Combined Measures of Cardiac and Renal Insufficiency for the Prediction of Death by 60 Days Following Presentation With Acute Heart Failure (HF)

PredictorOdds Ratio95% CIp Value
Individual Measures
Prior HF0.780.48–1.270.31
Prior myocardial infarction1.360.84–2.220.22
NYHA functional class1.260.86–1.860.24
Troponin T ≥0.01 ng/ml1.520.89–2.010.08
GFR <60 ml/min/1.73 m22.031.18–3.49<0.001
NT-proBNP >4,647 pg/ml2.671.58–4.51<0.001
Combined Measures
Prior HF0.780.48–1.270.31
Prior myocardial infarction1.370.84–2.240.20
NYHA functional class1.240.84–1.830.28
Troponin T ≥0.01 ng/ml1.320.83–2.050.10
GFR <60 ml/min/1.73 m2and NT-proBNP >4,647 pg/ml3.462.13–5.63<0.001

CI = confidence interval; other abbreviations as in Table 2.