Table 2

Depression Rates Among Heart Failure Patients by Inpatient/Outpatient Status and Diagnostic Threshold

Depression Prevalence Rates Among Patient Classifications Using Conservative CutoffsDepression Prevalence Rates Among Patient Classifications Using Liberal Cutoffs
Patient ClassificationPrevalence Rate (SD)Number of Studies, (Patients)Patient ClassificationPrevalence Rate (SD)Number of Studies, (Patients)
Inpatient0.16 (0.09)8 (2,921)Inpatient0.38 (0.13)7 (2,667)
Outpatient0.14 (0.02)8 (1,095)Outpatient0.38 (0.11)11 (1,036)
Combined0.14 (0.06)3 (1,037)Combined0.32 (0.06)5 (1,673)
  • Conservative depression definitions included protocols with a structured interview, diagnosis by an MD or PhD mental health professional, or use of a stringent questionnaire cutoff in the case of measures with multiple cutoff points.