Table 8

Inflammatory Diseases Associated With Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection

NamesCriteria Used in Diagnosis/SourceWhen Is Diagnosis Established?
Takayasu arteritis (163)Age of onset <40 y≥3 criteria are present (sensitivity 90.5%; specificity 97.8%)
Intermittent claudication
Diminished brachial artery pulse
Subclavian artery or aortic bruit
Systolic BP variation of >10 mm Hg between arms
Aortographic evidence of aorta or aortic branch stenosis
Giant cell arteritis (164)Age >50 y≥3 criteria are present (sensitivity greater than 90%; specificity >90%)
Recent-onset localized headache
Temporary artery tenderness or pulse attenuation
Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation >50 mm/h
Arterial biopsy shows necrotizing vasculitis
Behçet disease (165)Oral ulcerationOral ulceration plus 2 of the other 3 criteria
Recurrent genital ulceration
Uveitis or retinal vasculits
Skin lesions—erythema nodosum, pseudo-folliculitis, or pathergy
Ankylosing spondylitis (166)Onset of pain <40 y4 of the diagnostic criteria are present
Back pain for >3 mo
Morning stiffness
Subtle symptom onset
Improvement with exercise

BP indicates blood pressure.