Table 2

Definitions of Times and Intervals

Time of onset of symptomsAs reported by the patient, as recorded in the chart, or obtained directly from the patient
Time of initial presentationThe first time found on any documentation from the initial hospital
Time of first ECGTaken directly from the first ECG performed at the referring hospital
Dispatch timeTime the helicopter service was called with a request for transfer
Helicopter touchdown and liftoff times at the referral hospital and PCI hospitalTaken from helicopter flight logs as reported by the pilot to the helicopter communications center
Catheterization laboratory arrival timeTime that the patient was placed on the catheterization laboratory table
Catheterization laboratory arrival and balloon inflation/device activation times (2007 to 2008) or wire-crossing-lesion times (2004 to 2006)Taken from the catheterization laboratory procedure logs as recorded in real time during catheterization
Overall door-to-balloon timeInterval from initial presentation at the referring hospital until first balloon inflation (or use of another device to achieve reperfusion, such as thrombectomy catheter) or (for 2004 to 2006) wire crossing of the lesion.
Workday hoursMonday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Off-hours are all other times.

Abbreviations as in Table 1.