Table 3

Multivariate Cox Regression Analysis for Predictors of Adverse Events After Catheter Ablation Using the CHADS2 Score

VariableHazard Ratio95% CIp Value
AF type (nonparoxysmal)1.8040.752–4.3280.186
Recurrence after multiple ablations2.4521.060–5.6730.036
Left atrial diameter, mm1.0150.982–1.0500.379
LVEF, %0.9770.936–1.0210.308
CHADS2 score1.8921.482–2.414<0.001

Variables with p < 0.05 in Table 2 were adjusted with the CHADS2 score in the multivariate Cox regression analysis.

Abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.