Table 4

Medication and Lifestyle Management at Baseline and in Follow-Up in Women and Men

Follow-Up Year
Women (n = 702)Men (n = 1,666)p ValueWomen (n = 632)Men (n = 1,517)p ValueWomen (n = 606)Men (n = 1,441)p ValueWomen (n = 569)Men (n = 1,392)p ValueWomen (n = 498)Men (n = 1,231)p ValueWomen (n = 318)Men (n = 759)p Value
 Calcium channel blocker34%30%0.0940%37%0.1637%38%0.9038%38%0.9942%37%0.0741%36%0.16
 ACE or ARB76%78%0.3792%89%0.1092%90%0.1392%91%0.3792%90%0.2189%91%0.21
 Nonsublingual nitrate35%30%<0.0127%23%0.0926%19%<0.0129%18%<0.0128%16%<0.0127%15%<0.01
 Any antiplatelet88%91%0.0792%93%0.3694%96%0.1496%96%0.6396%95%0.5594%95%0.74
Lifestyle changes
 Exercise prescription71%74%0.1371%73%0.3864%68%0.16
 Dietary counseling with RD47%51%0.0856%56%0.9555%53%0.4154%51%0.2852%49%0.2842%45%0.30
 Current smoking10%14%0.028%11%0.028%10%0.077%10%0.057%9%0.209%9%0.71
 Sample size of current smoker at annual visits(n = 47)(n = 165)(n = 45)(n = 146)(n = 40)(n = 130)(n = 35)(n = 115)(n = 25)(n = 68)
 Smoking cessation70%74%0.6180%76%0.5898%81%0.0189%82%0.3480%87%0.42

Values are percentages.

ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; ARB = angiotensin receptor blocker; RD = registered dietitian.

  • The receipt of an exercise prescription from the cardiologist was not routinely documented on the case report form until November 2004. Therefore, there were large numbers of missing data for years 1 and 2.

  • Smoking cessation counseling was only implemented in current smokers.