Table 5

Clinical Outcomes in Women and Men

Outcomes5-Yr Cumulative Event RateAdjusted HR Women vs. Men
WomenMenp ValueHR (99% CI)p Value
Death11%12%0.450.91 (0.63–1.32)0.53
Death/MI/CVA26%22%0.121.11 (0.85–1.44)0.34
Subsequent revascularization35%32%0.241.04 (0.82–1.31)0.69
CHF20%16%<0.011.19 (0.87–1.63)0.15

CI = confidence interval; CVA = cerebrovascular accident; HR = hazard ratio; other abbreviations as in Tables 1, 2, and 3.

  • Adjusted for randomized treatment strategies (revascularization vs. medical therapy, and insulin provision vs. insulin sensitization), pre-specified strata (PCI vs. CABG), age at entry, race ethnicity, United States versus other countries, baseline characteristics including: MI, hypertension, angina, duration of DM, taking insulin at baseline, smoking status, disease myocardial region, totally occluded region, and abnormal LVEF (<50%).