Table 7

Multivariate Predictors of Mortality in Women and Men

CovariateHazard Ratio95% CIAdjusted p Value
Creatinine (per 1 mg/dl)2.18(1.87–2.55)< 0.0001
NYHA (class IV vs. class III)1.51(1.23–1.85)< 0.0001
SBP (per 1 mm Hg)0.99(0.985–0.993)< 0.0001
LVEF (per 1%)0.97(0.96–0.98)< 0.0001
CAD (CAD vs. no CAD)1.91(1.40–2.63)< 0.0001
Age (per 1 year)1.01(1.005–1.02)0.0005
Diabetes (Hx vs. no Hx)1.25(1.08–1.44)0.0026
Body mass index (per 1 kg/m2)0.98(0.97–0.99)0.0029
Gender (male vs. female)1.09(0.83–1.43)0.0046
Treatment (bucindolol vs. placebo)0.81(0.69–0.94)0.0233
Ethnicity (black vs. non-black)0.93(0.74–1.18)0.1818
CAD-by-gender interaction0.0107
Ethnicity-by-treatment interaction0.0980

For continuous variables, the hazard ratio represents the risk of dying per 1 U increase in the covariate. Final model based on 2,705 participants, 859 deaths.

Abbreviations as in Tables 1, 2, and 3.