Table 5

Intravenous Diuretic Medications Useful for the Treatment of Severe Heart Failure

DrugInitial DoseMaximum Single Dose
Loop Diuretics
 Bumetanide1.0 mg4 to 8 mg
 Furosemide40 mg160 to 200 mg
 Torsemide10 mg100 to 200 mg
Thiazide Diuretics
 Chlorothiazide500 mg1000 mg
Sequential Nephron Blockade
 Chlorothiazide500 to 1000 mg (IV) once or twice plus loop diuretics once; multiple doses per day
 Metozalone (as Zaroxolyn or Diulo)2.5 to 5 mg PO once or twice daily with loop diuretic
IV Infusions
 Bumetanide1-mg IV load then 0.5 to 2 mg per hour infusion
 Furosemide40-mg IV load then 10 to 40 mg per hour infusion
 Torsemide20-mg IV load then 5 to 20 mg per hour infusion

IV indicates intravenous; kg, kilograms; mg, milligrams; and PO, by mouth.