Table 1

ARC Definition of ST to Standardize ST and Ensure Unified Assessment Across Trials

“Definite” ST
  • The highest level of certainty

  • Either angiographic or post-mortem evidence of thrombotic stent occlusion

“Probable” STAny unexpected death within 30 days of stent implantation, or any myocardial infarction in the territory of the implanted stent irrespective of time
“Possible” STAny unexplained death beyond 30 days until the end of follow-up
Early STST occurring in the first 30 days after stent implantation
Late STST occurring between 1 month and 1 yr after stent implantation
Very late STST occurring beyond 1 yr

ARC = Academic Research Consortium; ST = stent thrombosis.