Table 2

Carotid 3.-T Magnetic Resonance Imaging and B-mode Ultrasound Parameters for Carriers of LCAT Gene Mutations and Controls

Carriers of LCAT Gene Mutations (n = 40)Controls (n = 40)p ValueAdjusted p Value
3.0-T MRI
 NWI0.34 (0.07)0.31 (0.04)0.020.002
 MWA, mm217.3 (8.5)14.2 (4.1)0.020.01
 TWV, mm31,039 (508)851 (247)0.020.01
 LA, mm232.5 (6.7)31.3 (5.1)0.320.72
Plaque composition analysis
 PC presence20 (2.5)5 (0.6)0.002
 Total PC volume, mm31023
B-mode ultrasound
 CCIMT, mm0.72 (0.33)0.64 (0.15)0.190.14
 IMT, mm0.75 (0.36)0.69 (0.23)0.390.53

Values are n (%) or n.

CCIMT = mean common carotid intima media thickness; IMT = average mean intima media thickness of the common, bulb, and internal carotid arteries; LA = lumen area; LCAT = lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase; MWA = mean wall area; NWI = normalized wall index; PC = plaque component; TWV = total wall volume.

  • p Value for the unadjusted model.

  • p Value for multivariate model adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, hypertension, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, smoking status, and family history of cardiovascular disease and accounting for clustering of genetic and/or environmental factors in families.

  • p Value for chi-square test.