Table 3

Quality of Life and Symptom Assessment in TAVR Registries

Study PopulationNYHA Functional Class6-Minute WalkQuestionnaireOther
PARTNER EU Registry; Lefevre et al. (Multicenter; N=130 Sapien) (116)Improved class at 1 year in 84.5% of patients (85% NYHA functional class III/IV at baseline, 15% NYHA functional class at 1 year); changes noted at 30 days were sustainedNRKCCQ improvement at 1 year in 72.7% (p<0.0002)Small improvement in EQ-5D was not significant
Buellesfeld et al. (Multicenter; N=126 CoreValve) (105)Improved in 80% at 30 days; 74% at 2 years (in 50% by 1 level, in 20% by 2 or more levels)NRNRNR
Krane et al. (Single-center registry; N=99 TAVR) (117)More class I/II at 3 months (NYHA functional class III/IV from 98% to 2% at 3 months)NRImproved SF-36 PF general health and vitality pre/post at 3 months (all p<0.01). No change mental health.85% would do TAVR again
Ussia et al. (Single-center registry; N=57 TAVR) (118)More class I/II (average 1.8 NYHA functional class improvement) at 5 months (p<0.001)NRSF-12; Improved (p<0.001) physical and mental component scores, return to population norms, greatest change in PFNR
Bekeredjian et al. (Single-center registry; N=87 TAVR) (119)Improved class (average of 1.7 NYHA functional class improvement) at 6 months (p<0.001)NRSF-36 Improved physical and mental component scores, greatest change in PF70% average decrease in NT-proBNP levels of 4,000 ng/L (p<0.0001)
Gotzmann et al. (Single-center registry; N=44 TAVR) (120)Decrease of percentage of NYHA functional class III/IV from 90% to 16% at 30 daysImproved walk time at 30 daysMLHFQ; Improved HF-related QOLLower average decrease in BNP levels of 400 pg/mL (p<0.005) and 25% increase in 6-minute walk time (p<0.005)

BNP indicates brain natriuretic peptide; EQ-5D, EuroQol Five Dimensions; HF, heart failure; KCCQ indicates Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire; LOS, length of stay; MLHFQ, Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire; NR, not reported; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PF, physical function; QOL, quality of life; SAVR, surgical aortic valve replacement; SF-12, Short Form 12 Health Questionnaire; SF-36, Short Form 36 Health Questionnaire; and TAVR, transcatheter aortic valve replacement.