Table 6

Major Outcomes at 30 Days and 1 Year in Cohort A of the PARTNER Trial

Characteristic30 Days1 Year
TAVR (N=348)Surgical AVR (N=351)p ValueTAVR (N=348)Surgical AVR (N=351)p Value
Clinical Outcomes
All-cause death (%)
All-cause death or rehospitalization (%)
All stroke (%)
Major stroke (%)
All-cause death or major stroke (%)
Major vascular complications (%)17.03.8<0.0118.04.8<0.01
Major bleeding (%)9.319.5<0.0114.725.7<0.01
Atrial fibrillation (%)8.616.0<0.0112.117.10.07
Pacemaker insertion (%)
Echocardiographic Endpoints
AV area (EOA) (cm2)1.7 ± 0.51.5 ± 0.40.0011.6 ± 0.51.4 ± 0.50.002
Mean AV gradient (mm Hg)9.9 ± 4.810.8 ± 5.00.1610.2 ± 4.311.5 ± 5.40.008

Cohort A includes patients determined to be at high operative risk defined as predicted operative mortality of ≥15% and/or an STS risk score of ≥10%. The STS risk algorithm is based on the presence of coexisting illnesses in order to predict 30-day operative mortality.

AV indicates aortic valve; AVR, aortic valve replacement; EOA, effective orifice area; and TAVR, transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

  • All-cause death or major stroke was not a predefined endpoint.