Table 4

Univariate and Multivariate Regression Analyses on the Effect of Each Variable on LV Reverse Remodeling at 6 Months

OR95% CIp Value
Univariate regression analysis
 Ischemic etiology1.740.97–3.120.064
 QRS duration1.000.98–1.010.474
 No scar at LV pacing site2.401.02–5.700.046
 Concordant LV lead5.302.80–9.960.010
Multivariate regression analysis
 Ischemic etiology1.540.69–3.430.293
 QRS duration0.990.97–1.010.224
 No scar at LV pacing site3.061.01–9.260.048
 Concordant LV lead4.432.09–9.400.009

CI = confidence interval; LV = left ventricular; OR = odds ratio.