Table 3

Multivariable Analysis for Predictors of Inpatient Complications Plus All-Cause 30-Day Rehospitalizations

VariableOdds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Age group, yrs
 18–441.00 (reference)N/A
Primary payer0.830.60–1.15
Procedural experience
 Quartile 1 (highest)1.00 (reference)N/A
 Quartile 21.381.04–1.82
 Quartile 31.641.25–2.15
 Quartile 4 (lowest)1.561.19–2.05
AF hospitalizations§1.191.05–1.35
Heart failure1.330.99–1.80
Coronary artery disease1.030.78–1.34
Diabetes mellitus0.930.71–1.23
Cerebrovascular disease1.350.70–2.60
Renal disease1.430.92–2.22
Valvular disease0.850.65–1.13
Lung disease1.210.81–1.81

N/A = not applicable; other abbreviation as in Table 1.

  • All others/missing compared with white.

  • Private insurance compared with Medicare.

  • Defined as the number of AF ablations completed at a given hospital during the 12 months preceding each index ablation.

  • § Defined as the number of hospitalizations during the year before index ablation with AF in the primary diagnostic position; the odds ratio represents the increase per 1 U increase in AF hospitalizations.