Table 1

Patients Characteristics and Outcomes

Anticoagulation HistoryFollow-Up
Patient #Age, yrsSexAF Duration, yrsLA Size, mmHemorrhagic Side EffectWarfarin Before TETE/mRS ScoreCHADS2 (CHA2DS2-VASc) ScoreInterval Between TE and Appendectomy (I <1 month, II <1 month to <2 months, III <2 months to <3 months)Duration, monthsRecurrence
174MUnknown60NoneNEStroke/02 (4)2 yrs24None
273F>1051NoneUDStroke/03 (5)7 yrs22None
369M>1048NoneNETIA/03 (4)9 mo19None
471F>1052NoneNEStroke/03 (5)6 yrs14None
572F>1054NoneUDTIA/02 (4)1 yr10None
674MUnknown51NoneNEStroke/13 (5)1 yr7None
777FUnknown50NoneNEStroke/04 (5)3 yrs4None
868M>1054NoneUDTIA/02 (4)10 months1None
974FUnknown50NoneNEStroke/03 (5)1 yr1None
1081M>1061HemorrhoidTHTIA/04 (5)II38None
1176FUnknown58CerebralTHStroke/25 (7)II32None
1273M>1051GITHStroke/13 (4)I28None
1375F>1052GIUDStroke, TIA/13 (5)II26None
1477F>1049Unidentified anemiaUDStroke/14 (5)III23None
1571M>1060GIUDStroke/23 (4)II21None
1682FUnknown50CerebralTHStroke, TIA/34 (5)III21None
1769M>1054GIUDStroke/02 (3)I19None
1873F>1050GIUDStroke/13 (5)II15None
1979F>1048CerebralTHTIA/04 (5)II14None
2070M>1053GIUDStroke/14 (5)I13None
2172F>1049GIUDTIA/03 (5)I11None
2277M>1048GIUDStroke/04 (4)I5None
2378F>1051NoneUDStroke/04 (5)I28None
2483F>1052NoneUDStroke/14 (5)II19None
2579M>1052NoneUDStroke/14 (4)II16None
2673M>1054NoneUDStroke/03 (4)I12None
2776F>1050NoneUDStroke, TIA/14 (5)I3None
2881F>1058NoneUDTIA/04 (5)I1None
2961MUnknown46NoneNESMAO/NA2 (2)III24None
3066M>1047NoneUDTIA/02 (3)II16None

Subgroup is from #10 to #30.

AF = atrial fibrillation; LA = left atrium; GI = gastrointestinal; TE = thromboembolism; mRS = modified Rankin scale; NE = no experience; UD = underdose; TH = temporary halt; TIA = transient ischemic attack; SMAO = superior mesenteric artery occlusion; NA = not available.

  • Died of breast cancer.

  • Warfarin was given after SMAO but the international normalized ratio was uncontrollable after extensive bowel resection.

  • TIAs occurred as the international normalized ratio was reduced to 1.25 for oncological treatment.