Table A1

CAD Prognostic Index

Extent of CADPrognostic Weight (0–100)5-Year Survival Rate (%)
1-vessel disease, 75%2393
>1-vessel disease, 50% to 74%2393
1-vessel disease, ≥95%3291
2-vessel disease3788
2-vessel disease, both ≥95%4286
1-vessel disease, ≥95% proximal LAD4883
2-vessel disease, ≥95% LAD4883
2-vessel disease, ≥95% proximal LAD5679
3-vessel disease5679
3-vessel disease, ≥95% in at least 16373
3-vessel disease, 75% proximal LAD6767
3-vessel disease, ≥95% proximal LAD7459

CAD = coronary artery disease; LAD = left anterior descending coronary artery.

  • Assuming medical treatment only. Reprinted with permission from Califf et al. (5).