Table 1

Diagnoses of Patients in Group 1 (n = 46)legend legend

Unrepaired Heart Disease (n = 26)nRepaired Heart Disease (n = 14)nLung Pathology (n = 6)n
VSD5(1)Complex single ventricle postpalliation4(1)Pulmonary emboli3(2)
CAVC5TGA post Senning3(1)Restrictive lung disease (lupus)1
Shone’s syndrome5TGA/VSD post PAB2Primary pulmonary hypertension1
PDA2TGA post Mustard1Cystic fibrosis1
Cardiomyopathy2TGA post ASO1(1)
VSD with PDA1CAVC repair1
Truncus arteriosus1TOF/PA full repair1
ASD primum1ASD secundum1
ASD secundum with PDA1
Supracardiac TAPVC1
ASD secundum1
  • legend In parentheses is the number of patients who did not respond to either oxygen or nitric oxide.

  • legend ASD = atrial septal defect; ASO = arterial switch operation; CAVC = complete atrioventricular canal; PAB = pulmonary artery band; PDA = patent ductus arteriosus; Shone’s syndrome = multiple left-sided obstructive lesions; TAPVC = total anomalous pulmonary venous connection; TGA = transposition of the great arteries; TOF/PA = tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia; VSD = ventricular septal defect.