Table 1

Sudden Cardiac Death Group Characteristics

PatientAge at SCDPlace of SCDOutcome of SCDHistory of ArrhythmiaArrhythmia MedicationsAutopsy Results
173Out of HospitalDeathNoneNoneNA
237Out of HospitalDeathAtrial flutter and VTAmiodarone? arrhythmia
324Out of HospitalDeathAtrial flutterDigoxin? arrhythmia
445Out of HospitalDeathNoneNoneNA
533Out of HospitalDeathNoneNone? arrhythmia
657Out of HospitalResuscitated*VTAmiodaroneNA
754Out of HospitalDeathNoneDigoxinNA
829Out of HospitalDeathWPWDigoxin and Propatenone? arrhythmia
924Out of HospitalDeathNoneNone? arrhythmia
1047Out of HospitalResuscitated*VTSotalolNA
1162HospitalDeathAtrial flutterAmiodaroneNA
1270HospitalDeathSVT and VTAmiodaroneNA

AICD = antiarrhythmic implantable cardiac defibrillator; NA = not available; SCD = sudden cardiac death; SVT = supraventricular tachycardia; VT = ventricular tachycardia; WPW = Wolff Parkinson White.

  • * Patients subsequently had a pulmonary valve replacement with ventricular cryoablation and AICD insertion.

  • hospitalized for congestive heart failure but clinically stable at time of death.