Table 1

Clinical Characteristics

Pt. No.Age/GenderStructural Heart DiseaseLA Size (mm)Clinical PresentationDuration of SymptomsNo. of Antiarrhythmic Drugs Failed
155/Fnil32Paroxysmal AT42 months2
263/Fnil38AT with LBBB4 months1
324/Fnil35Paroxysmal AT9 months0
473/Mnil35Paroxysmal AT7 months2
545/Fnil45Paroxysmal AT9 months1
641/FSevere MR/MVP31Paroxysmal AT6 months0
753/Fnil36Paroxysmal AT12 months2

AT = atrial tachycardia; LA = left atrial; LBBB = left bundle branch block; MR = mitral regurgitation; MVP = mitral valve prolapse.