Table 2

Tachycardia Characteristics at Electrophysiology Study and Outcome of Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure

Pt. No.Mode of Tachycardia Initiation/TerminationTCL (ms)Location on MAA:V RatioProcedural Outcome and Follow-up*
1Programmed extrastimuli36512:001.5:1successful, no recurrence
2Programmed extrastimuli + isoprenaline38311:001:2successful, no recurrence
3Nil*Ectopy only11:001:3successful, no recurrence
4Programmed extrastimuli29112:001:3.5successful, no recurrence
5Programmed extrastimuli + spontaneous38212:001:4successful, no recurrence
6Programmed extrastimuli40412:001:3.5recurrence at 5 months
7Spontaneous12:001:3successful, no recurrence
Mean ± SD365 ± 431:2.8 ± 0.9

TCL = tachycardia cycle length; MA = mitral annulus; A:V Ratio = ratio of atrial to ventricular electrogram amplitude recorded on ablation catheter from site of successful ablation.

  • * Tachycardia not induced.