Table 2

Studies of the Value of Exercise Myocardial Perfusion Imaging to Predict Revascularization and Unstable Angina

ReferenceRadionuclide UsednMean Age (yrs)Women (%)Prior MI (%)Mean Follow-Up (Months)Event Rate After Negative Test (%) (95% CI)Negative Predictive Value (%) (95% CI)Annualized Event Rate (%)
Boyne et al. (141)MIBI155585027191.398.70.81
Chatziioannou et al. (142)MIBI230541320181.798.31.16
del Val Gomez et al. (143)Tl855653241.298.80.59
Elhendy et al. (156)MIBI21853506896.993.10.93
Galassi et al. (144)Tetro106582255385.794.31.79
Kaminek et al. (145)Tl/MIBI14728244.195.92.04
Olmos et al. (154)Tl115562435443.596.50.95
Raiker et al. (152)MIBI20859484.8141.998.11.65
Sugihara et al. (148)MIBI104684218133.896.23.55
Vanzetto et al. (147)Tl388552524720.6/yr99.40.60
Summary estimate1,75651.735.535.53.42 (2.61–4.40)96.6 (95.6–97.4)1.25

Abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Patient characteristics not provided.