Table 3

Angiographic (QCA) and IVUS Measures of Disease Burden (n = 654)

Median QCA values (most severe stenosis in target vessel)
 Percent diameter stenosis, %39.0 (28.6–48.4)
 Percent area stenosis, %62.8 (49.1–73.3)
 Minimum luminal diameter, mm1.96 (1.64–2.36)
Median IVUS values (most severe stenosis in target vessel)
 Percent area stenosis, %56.4 (43.0–65.2)
 Minimum luminal diameter, mm2.26 (1.88–2.71)
Median IVUS values (for entire pullback within target vessel)
 Normalized total atheroma volume (median segment length 36 mm), mm3174.5 (122.1–232.3)
 Total atheroma volume, mm2165.9 (113.8–238.9)
 Percent atheroma volume, %38.9 (32.2–46.2)
 Mean percent of cross sections abnormal, %81.2 (70.8–100.0)

Values in parentheses indicate interquartile range.

IVUS = intravascular ultrasound; QCA = quantitative coronary angiography.