Table 8

Disease Burden in Patients With Diabetes Versus Patients Without Diabetes

Diabetes (n = 128)No Diabetes (n = 526)p Value
Diabetes vs. No Diabetes (IVUS)
Percent atheroma volume42.3 (36.0–49.4)38.3 (31.2–45.3)0.0002
Percent abnormal cross sections96.8 (80.5–100.0)91.3 (67.2–100.0)0.03
Normalized total atheroma volume (mm3, median segment length 36 mm)196.7 (140.5–249.6)166.7 (117.2–231.0)0.02
Percent area stenosis60.8 (48.3–67.2)55.1 (42.4–65.2)0.01
Diabetes vs. No Diabetes (QCA)
Minimum luminal diameter (mm)1.90 (1.50–2.28)1.98 (1.66–2.38)0.07
Percent area stenosis65.9 (52.4–75.2)61.9 (48.5–73.1)0.12

Abbreviations as in Table 4.

  • p value is based on univariate least-square regression analysis using rank-transformed IVUS or QCA parameters as the dependent variables. Results expressed as median (interquartile range).