Table 6

Expert Opinion Thresholds for Use of Optional Screening Tests When Risk-Based Decisions About Initiation of Pharmacological Therapy Are Uncertain After Quantitative Risk Assessment

MeasureSupport Revising Risk Assessment UpwardDo Not Support Revising Risk Assessment
Family history of premature CVDMale <55 years of age
Female <65 years of age
(first-degree relative)
Occurrences at older ages only (if any)
hs-CRP≥2 mg/L<2 mg/L
CAC score≥300 Agatston units or ≥75th percentile for age, sex, and ethnicity<300 Agatston units and <75th percentile for age, sex, and ethnicity

ABI indicates ankle-brachial index; CAC, coronary artery calcium; CVD, cardiovascular disease; and hs-CRP, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein.