Table 1

Total Mortality From Randomization in the TOHP Cohorts Through 2013 by Sodium Intervention Group

Randomized Intervention
Sodium ReductionUsual Care
Deaths/total (%)
 TOHP I33/327 (10.1)44/417 (10.6)
 TOHP II82/1,191 (6.9)92/1,191 (7.7)
Hazard Ratio95% Confidence Intervalp Value
Model 1
 TOHP I0.840.54-1.320.46
 TOHP II0.850.63-1.140.28
Model 2
 TOHP I0.860.54-1.370.52
 TOHP II0.850.63-1.150.30

Values are n/N (%) unless otherwise indicated.

TOHP = Trials of Hypertension Prevention.

  • From Cox regression analysis stratified by trial and adjusted for clinic, age, race, sex, and weight loss intervention (Model 1); plus baseline weight and sodium (Model 2).