TableĀ 4

Secondary Outcomes

CohortHospitalizations per 100 Person-YearsPDC Group ComparisonAdjusted Ratiop Value
NonadherentPartially AdherentFully Adherent
Angina and CV atherosclerosisPost-MI7.68.15.8Fully vs. nonadherent0.820.1439
Fully vs. partially0.790.0618
Partially vs. nonadherent1.040.7835
ATH8.66.04.2Fully vs. nonadherent0.52<0.0001
Fully vs. partially0.71<0.0001
Partially vs. nonadherent0.73<0.0001
All-cause ED visitsPost-MI52.244.637.1Fully vs. nonadherent0.71<0.0001
Fully vs. partially0.890.0844
Partially vs. nonadherent0.800.0024
ATH36.926.922.2Fully vs. nonadherent0.69<0.0001
Fully vs. partially0.870.0001
Partially vs. nonadherent0.79<0.0001
Cardiac-related ED visitsPost-MI3.02.62.7Fully vs. nonadherent0.890.6355
Fully vs. partially1.070.7775
Partially vs. nonadherent0.830.4888
ATH2.11.41.0Fully vs. nonadherent0.61<0.0001
Fully vs. partially0.740.0166
Partially vs. nonadherent0.820.0729
Outpatient visits to cardiologistPost-MI297.0305.4299.7Fully vs. nonadherent1.020.6285
Fully vs. partially1.010.7115
Partially vs. nonadherent1.000.8960
ATH191.3196.6197.1Fully vs. nonadherent1.000.8641
Fully vs. partially1.010.7168
Partially vs. nonadherent0.990.6072
Outpatient visits to cardiologist with CV testingPost-MI49.949.451.5Fully vs. nonadherent1.000.9962
Fully vs. partially1.010.8033
Partially vs. nonadherent0.990.8293
ATH39.138.239.1Fully vs. nonadherent0.960.1172
Fully vs. partially1.010.6819
Partially vs. nonadherent0.950.0460

Total number of all-cause emergency department (ED) visits, outpatient visits to cardiologist, and those with cardiovascular (CV) testing were compared by using negative binomial regression. Total number of cardiac ED visits was compared by using logistic regression models.

Abbreviations as in TablesĀ 1 and 3.