Table 1

Study Characteristics for Network Meta-Analysis of CABG With and Without Manipulation of the Aorta

First Author (Ref. #)YearStudy PeriodCountryNanOPCABGOPCABG-PCOPCABG-HSCABGStudy Type
Moss (13)20152002–2013United States12,0791,550 (12.8)6,449 (53.4)1,551 (12.8)2,529 (20.9)OS, R
Matsuura (25)20131998–2011Japan336264 (78.6)72 (21.4)NRNROS, R
Lemma (14)20122006–2010Italy, Switzerland41182 (20.0)126 (30.7)NR203 (40.9)PRT
Emmert (15)20112004–2009Switzerland4,314271 (6.3)567 (13.1)1,365 (31.6)2,111 (48.9)OS, R
Misfeld (16)20102002–2007Australia3,6991,346 (36.4)600 (16.2)NR1,753 (47.4)OS, R
Manabe (17)20092004–2007Japan507185 (36.5)241 (47.5)81 (16.0)NROS, R
Izumoto (18)20092000–2002Japan19159 (30.9)NRNR132 (69.1)OS, R
Lev-Ran (19)20052000–2003Israel700429 (61.3)271 (38.7)NRNROS, R
Kapetanakis (20)20041998–2002United States7,272476 (6.5)2,527 (34.7)NR4,269 (58.7)OS, R
Leacche (21)20031996–2001Canada64084 (13.1)556 (86.9)NRNROS, R
Patel (22)20021997–2001United Kingdom2,327597 (25.7)520 (22.3)NR1,210 (52.0)OS, R
Kim (23)20021998–2001United States421222 (52.7)123 (29.2)NR76 (18.1)OS, P
Calafiore (24)20021988–2000Italy4,8231,533 (31.8)460 (9.5)NR2,830 (58.7)OS, R

Values are n (%).

anOPCABG = anaortic off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting; CABG = coronary artery bypass grafting; NR = not reported; OPCABG-HS = off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting with the Heartstring system; OPCABG-PC = off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting with partial clamp; OS = observational study; P = prospective; PRT = prospective randomized trial; R = retrospective.