Table 1

Definition of Intervention Strategies

InterventionEPOC EquivalentEPOC Definition
Provider RemindersRemindersPatient or encounter specific information, provided verbally, on paper or on a computer screen, which is designed or intended to prompt a health professional to recall information. This would usually be encountered through their general education; in the medical records or through interactions with peers, and so remind them to perform or avoid some action to aid individual patient care. Computer-aided decision support and drugs dosage are included.
Academic DetailingEducational Outreach VisitsUse of a trained person who met with providers in their practice settings to give information with the intent of changing the provider’s practice. The information given may have included feedback on the performance of the provider(s).
Audit and FeedbackAudit and FeedbackAny summary of clinical performance of health care over a specified period of time. The summary may also have included recommendations for clinical action. The information may have been obtained from medical records, computerized databases, or observations from patients.
Pay for PerformanceProvider IncentivesProvider received direct or indirect financial reward or benefit for doing specific action. (Provider here means an individual. This is distinct from the EPOC term “institution incentives,” which is defined as: institution or group of providers received direct or indirect financial rewards or benefits for doing specific action.)

EPOC indicates Effective Practice and Organisation of Care.