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The Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) is proud to launch a Chinese language version of the Journal under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief, Ya-Ling Han, MD, PhD, from Shenyang, China. Dr. Han personally selects each paper for the edition’s six issues per year from the JACC weekly publication. Each manuscript is translated to ensure the utmost quality and relevance to the global Chinese-speaking community. The Journal also solicits Chinese-speaking cardiovascular clinicians from across the globe to provide unique commentary in the form of Editorial Comments.

Inside Latest Edition

Inside latest edition

Foreword from Dr. Valentin Fuster


As the Editor-in-Chief of JACC, I am very pleased to present you the Mandarin edition of JACC. Mandarin speaking cardiologists and internists will find here articles of great clinical interest that have been selected by the members of the Editorial Board chaired by Prof. Han Yaling among all the papers published in the English version of JACC in recent months.

I would like to highlight that each article comes with an accompanying editorial comment by a well-known Mandarin-speaking cardiologist, expert in the field. This will help to understand its clinical value.

I hope that the Mandarin version of JACC we are now presenting will be useful for the readers and will help to improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Han for accepting my invitation to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Mandarin version of JACC. I am convinced that, as always, her work will be of the highest quality.

Foreword from Dr. Han


It’s a great honor for me to announce the debut of the Chinese Edition of Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC).

JACC, established in 1983, is the official journal of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) with a history of 35 years. Over the years, with the efforts of ACC and the editorial board, the Journal has grown into a world’s leader in the field of cardiovascular diseases. JACC publishes original peer-reviewed clinical and experimental trials on all aspects of cardiovascular diseases, related translational studies, new diagnostic techniques, as well as reviews and commentaries. With all these cutting-edge contents, JACC is warmly welcomed by its readers world-wide.

JACC has been rigorous in selecting submitted articles and less than 5% will be published. With adherence to the highest standard and preciseness, JACC has become a classical model in providing guidance to clinical practices and research innovations.

In recent years, promoted by Dr. Fuster, the current Editor-in-Chief, JACC has paid greater attention to the Journal’s globalization and openness. Hence, the number of published articles contributed by authors from outside of the United States has been increasing markedly, which facilitates the content of the Journal being geared into the clinical practices of various nations. In particular, the number of published articles contributed by Chinese authors has climbed from several at the beginning of this century to 30 in 2017. The inauguration of the Chinese Edition of JACC well represents a crucial initiative of JACC’s globalization strategy.

In an era characterized by knowledge explosion and innovation, medical field has also witnessed rapid progress at an unprecedented speed. As China is a country with the largest population in the world, the epidemic of various kinds of cardiovascular diseases is surging. Consequently, more than 100,000 Chinese cardiologists have the urgent need to obtain cutting-edge knowledge from leading-edge journals such as JACC to strengthen their clinical practices. Nevertheless, most of the Chinese cardiologists are greatly challenged by language barrier and shortage of reading time. To meet their needs, JACC Chinese Edition is launched, thanks to the collaborative efforts of ACC, Chinese experts in cardiology and Elsevier, the publisher of JACC.

JACC Chinese Edition is dedicated to promote cardiovascular health status for Chinese people and to provide access to JACC’s informative original articles for Chinese cardiologists. The Chinese Edition will publish six online issues each year, with each issue carrying five to six translated articles selected from the original Journal as well as commentaries written by Chinese experts to facilitate Chinese readers’ understanding. The principles for article selection are as follows: taking clinical practice in China into account, solving important clinical problems, as well as reflecting the academic level of Chinese researchers.

In addition to the online issues available on JACC.org, a WeChat Platform, specially designed for JACC Chinese Edition, will upload more translated articles to meet the needs of online readers.

Biography of Editor-in-Chief Ya-Ling


Ya-Ling Han, MD, PhD, received her doctorate in 1994 from Shanghai Second Military Medical University, Han worked as the director and professor of the Department of Cardiology. She then worked as the vice president at Shenyang Northern Hospital since 1997. For the past 2 decades, she has been persistently leading the development of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) technique for complex coronary lesions and high risk patients.

In the past 20 years, Han and her colleagues have performed >30,000 cardiovascular interventional procedures. Han have published >400 research papers both in national and international journals. Han now is the adjunct professors and doctoral supervisor for the Third Military Medical University, the Fourth Military Medical University and the Medical University of Dalian. She has been supervised research work for >120 post graduates.

Editorial Board

  • Bo Yu | Harbin Medical University
  • Bo Xu | Beijing Fuwai Hospital
  • Shaoping Nie | Beijing Anzhen Hospital
  • Shaoliang Chen | Nanjing First Hospital
  • Jiyan Chen | Guangdong General Hospital
  • Yi Li | General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region
  • Yang Li | General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region
  • Jiannan Dai | Harbin Medical University
  • Kefei Dou | Beijing Fuwai Hospital
  • Zhan Gao | Beijing Fuwai Hospital
  • Jing Li | Xuanwu Hospital
  • Zhizhong Liu | Nanjing First Hospital
  • Xiao Wang | Beijing Anzhen Hospital
  • Junjie Zhang | Nanjing First Hospital
  • Lei Xing | Harbin Medical University
  • Yingqing Feng | Guandong General Hospital
  • Junqing Yang | Guangdong General Hospital
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